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Welcome to Sahara Cafe & Bar

Sahara Cafe & Bar has a fun relaxing atmosphere to enjoy Mediterranean cuisine, smoke hookah and have a great time with friends, family or colleagues. It is conveniently located on Beach Blvd in Jacksonville, FL and now has a full liquor bar. When you are here Just flag down your server and order your selection.

Sahara Cafe is a chill place for hookah and drinks. Both outdoor and indoor seatings are great for both big and small groups. We tried a hookah called Blue Mist, and I was impressed by how well the hookah was packed! It lasted a while between the two of us with 2 coal changes! The wine base was a classy touch. You can customize your hookah flavors and filters, so if you are particular about your hookah set up, this place will probably suit you well.

Janet B.

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